Room Setup Guide (v0.3.1)

This guide is the written version of this Video Guide we released on YouTube.

Room Setup

Entity is not in Room example

After trying out the latest version, you'll likely came across this warning, wondering what you have to do. The following steps will guide you through the process of setting up a room.

  1. Open the Room Menu (3rd from top)
  2. Open the Rooms Tab in the Room Section

Room Tab View

  1. Enter the name of the Room
  2. Press the + button
  3. Click on the floor in the corner of your room

Corner of Room

  1. Click on additional corners in the ceiling to add the whole room

Room fully Setup

  1. When you're done setting up the room, press the save button in the menu

You should now see a top down preview of the room in the menu, clicking it allows you to select and deselect the room.

Reference Point

The reference point will allow you to fix the positioning of your rooms in case they got changed after you redid your boundary or similar. Here the steps:

  1. Go to the Overview tab of the Room menu
  2. Click on the edit button (pen icon)
  3. Locate and move the Reference point to a desired location, for example an image hanging on the wall or a window
  4. Press the save button

The result should look something like this:

Reference Point next to Image

In case that your room now has moved after starting the app again, you can do the following to fix the alignment again:

  1. Go to the Overview tab of the Room menu
  2. Click on the fix button (band aid icon)
  3. Move the Reference Point back to it's original position
  4. Press the save button

This should result in the room being in the right spot again. In case there is something wrong at the moment, restart the app and everything should be back to normal.