More & Persistent Entities, Improved Hand & Finger tracking and much more! (v0.2.0)

Checkout the latest changes in this showcase video here.

Media Player and Button Entities have been implemented. Hand and Finger tracking has been refined partially thanks to the update to Godot 4.2. You are now able to save your entities and not have to manually add them each time you launch the app. A lot of other small tweaks to the design and experience have made it into the app.

If you encounter any problems, please report them to GitHub Issues.

What's Changed

  • Implement slider component
  • Finish media player implementation
  • Update to use Godot 4.2
  • Make entities and room persistent
  • Add occludable function and make room persistent
  • Add deviceless entities
  • Add simple camera support
  • Add button entity
  • Tweaks to design and code fixes
  • Add Notification system